Big Thingsss

If you are younger than 18, stay the fuck away from my blog. THE END!

I don't consider myself gay or straight. I just am what I am. I don't care for labels.

So I was in the locker room the other day, checking my phone after working out. A guy came out of the showers without a towel wrapped around. He was a 6-foot tall slim, white guy with a sexy beard. His dick was at least 6.5 inches long flaccid. My eyes popped open as I froze for a few seconds when I saw his massive meat, but then quickly turned down to my cell phone. The As he was walking passed I saw him give a quick smirk. He enjoyed me watching, he enjoyed that I was shocked to see how hung he was. When I went to my car, I saw him get into a car with a female who was picking him, must be his girlfriend or wife. I do hope I see him again as I’m sure he hopes so to. 

Manager’s bulge

I’m in love with my manager’s bulge. Trust me - his dick is enormous. It really sticks out in his pants. I fight so hard to not look, but it’s so distracting. I’ve never seen a bulge like that in my life. Sometimes in meetings I wonder if I’m the only person who notices.

I told my wife about his dick. Yes, my wife knows that I’m bi, or whatever you call it, and she told me I should try to suck his dick if I get a promotion out of it. Her saying that made me love her any more. I got the sexual urge immediately and fucked her on the kitchen table right then. Her pussy loved it. Her juices slipped down my dick.  

Anyway, since I have my wife’s approval to suck my manager’s dick, any idea how I approach it with him? I don’t know if he swings that way, but something tells me he likes showing his goods.  

For those who sent a pic in exchange for my manager’s bulge pic, I didn’t forget. I’m behind on email. If you want to see my manager’s bulge, send me an email at and please include a nude pic. 

New Era

I’m moving on to the next era in my life. I’ve been working on this blog for the past 3 years and I think it’s time for me to do something different. I am so happy I created this blog because it helped me in my sexual self-discovery.

While I will significantly reduce the amount of pics I post, I will continue to write from time to time, to fill you in on my life. I have over 30K followers, and I love the connection I have with you.

 Thank you all for your support! 

Anonymous asked: Take pics of it we all want to see haha

I did. email me at … if you send me a nude pic, male or female, I’ll show you the pic. 


I can’t stop looking at his bulge. What should I do?

Btw… I’m very serious. I don’t know how to avoid it. It’s huge.

Anonymous asked: I'm around 4" and I really want to be a bit longer. What's the best way to enhance my size?


You are the size you were given.  Be content and learn to use it.