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If you are younger than 18, stay the fuck away from my blog. THE END!

I don't consider myself gay or straight. I just am what I am. I don't care for labels.

A couple reasons to try and love weed


1. Because it’s much better and safer than alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol can cause you to black out. You act completely differently and lose touch with reality. My experience with marijuana is the complete opposite, no matter how high I get, I know exactly where I am and I’m still have to maintain self-control.

2. Marijuana expands my mind. When smoking, my mind wonders in whichever direction it wants to take. It’s amazing because new thoughts and concepts enter my mind, things I normally could never think of. I created so many different theories of why we exist. I’m not saying that I was enlightened, but I am saying, weed helped.

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