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If you are younger than 18, stay the fuck away from my blog. THE END!

I don't consider myself gay or straight. I just am what I am. I don't care for labels.


Took me a while to discover, but to all men who are insecure about their dick size: fuck it, love and appreciate what you have. It could be worse. You could be a man with no dick. A big dick is good to have, but a small dick can still satisfy - just figure out a way to work with it.

Smoked weed. I enjoyed it. Weed is great. People should be more worried about food than weed. Look at all of the fat people in America. That’s the real drug.

Yes, big dicks are hot, but the female body is a beautiful thing.

any females willing to do this?????

any females willing to do this?????

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So I was in the locker room the other day, checking my phone after working out. A guy came out of the showers without a towel wrapped around. He was a 6-foot tall slim, white guy with a sexy beard. His dick was at least 6.5 inches long flaccid. My eyes popped open as I froze for a few seconds when I saw his massive meat, but then quickly turned down to look at my cell phone. As he was walking pass I saw him give a quick smirk from a corner of my eye. He enjoyed me watching, and he enjoyed that I was shocked to see his hung dick. Later, when I went to my car, I saw him get into a car with a female who was picking him, must have been his girlfriend or wife. I wonder if she knows he likes to show off for other men… what do you think?